skyriders Programmes

Recreational classes are run in age streamed co-educational groupings to create a positive social environment. Maximum seven (7) athletes per coach (max of 14 in each class). Coaches subdivide the classes by age and ability. Due to our commitment to competitive excellence, all our athletes can enjoy the best-equipped trampoline gym in North America. Skyriders is a National and Olympic training centre. Competitive Programmes are for athletes ages 9 and up. Call for a try-out, no experience is necessary.

BEGINNER (1 hour class)

8 – 11 yrs Wed 4:30pm
Sat 10am
Sun 10:30am
9 – 13 yrs Mon 6:15pm
Tue 4:45pm
Wed 5:30pm
Sat 11am
11 – 16 yrs Mon 6:15pm
Tue 4:45pm
Thurs 4:45pm
Sat 2pm
13 – 18 yrs Thurs 5:45pm
Sat 2pm
Sun 12:30pm

INTERMEDIATE (1-1/2 hour class)

11 – 16 yrs Tue 5:45pm
Thurs 6:45pm
Sun 2:30pm
13 – 18 yrs Mon 7:15pm
Sat 12:30pm
Sun 2:30pm
18 yrs + Wed 8:15pm
Thurs 8:15pm
Sun 2:30pm
Sun 9pm

There are three sessions available through the year. (Note: It is possible to join mid-session.)

SESSION #1 - (15 weeks) Sept to Dec

SESSION #2 - (9 weeks) Jan to Mar

SESSION #3 - (14 weeks) Mar to Jun


Click here to download a list of current fees.