welcome to skyriders trampoline place

The Home of Olympians. Although it’s the latest success of this facility, there are many years of expericence involved. Starting from a humble beginning, Dave Ross has succeeded, time and time again, to produce the most influencial and technically proficient athletes that this world has ever seen. “Skyriders Trampoline Place” is just that. “THE PLACE” for trampoline in the world.

Welcome to our facility, and grab a chance to feel the air up there!

david A. Ross – founder / canadian olympic team coach

As the Founder, President and coach, Dave Ross has been a Pioneer of Trampoline Sports in Canada. He started out achieving an Honours Degree in Physics from Queen’s University. During that time he was active as a competitive gymnast . His enthusiasm, as well as his personal abilities, lauched him into the history books, developing the most impressive and techically advanced trampoline equipment in the world today.

“Dave has invested considerable time and effort into developing both his athletes and trampoline equipment. He has been an inspiration to us all.”
Paul Cameron (Finalist, 1992 World Trampoline Championships, Aukland, New Zealand)